CM9BcICUYAALj1PWe have in our team of ace coaches who mentor and train our clients to become the best in any league. Our goal is to establish a system that empowers coaches to achieve their greatest desires for success for the athletes they train and work with. Coaching is key to talent development. When an athlete identifies a coach that brings the best of their capabilities  to light when performance in their sports of choice, the coaches value become imperative in what results such talents achieve in their careers. That value is what Prolific focuses on to help our coaches achieve their greatest potential in their careers.  Below is a list of our talented coaches who work with Prolific Athletes to help them achieve their peak performances.

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Management Team
Managing Director

Paa Kwesi Fabian – Soccer Licensed Coach

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Georgina Sowah – Womens Head Coach

David Annan – Mens Head Coach

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Basketball – Kweku M. Falconer Head Coach