Zealous Trainers is our fitness partner company. Over the years, Zealous Trainers have observed and been inspired by the hard work, passion and commitment that the companies clients bring daily to their workouts. The name and brand of the company reflects the Zealous Clients motivation and the companies ability to empower them to achieve their goals.
From Zealous Team:
Zealous means committed, devoted, energetic and ardently active and that is what we strive to be everyday. We chose bold colors like black and orange because we are bold and unapologetic about who we are and who we want to become. Black represents the strength, power, and authority that it takes to push through our weaknesses and achieve greatness. Orange represents the enthusiasm, encouragement and success that you feel when you start to see those changes and come closer to your reaching your goals. The letter Z represents the special weapon that our trainers use to help you make possible the impossible. Everyone has heard of the X factor but here at Zealous we have the Z factor. We make them jealous at Zealous. Come and join the revolution.