Our Digital and Social Media team of two dedicated experts dissect the various sports opportunities within the digital sphere and establish an intersection where our discoveries meet  our client’s value preposition our team has helped develop. The results derived from the team efforts are then positioned with sports properties and digital technology companies to help us navigate the intricacies of bringing greater return on investment to
our clients.

We develop social interactive networks where our client’s fans and interest groups who follow their  careers can be monetized to their benefit. Why allow other social media platform to benefit from  your popularity when we can turn those fans into revenue generating sources of income for them. We  develop a dedicated topological social map for each client and provide monetization models that  turns the topology into pure cash for their bottom line earnings. We provide an aspiration network  and a electronic video press book to each clients under our social interactive network service  offering.

  1. Aspiration personal network: Each client within our portfolio of athletes receives a personal aspiration network that they will be required to drive their social traffic into to grow their membership and fan base. This product we offer is in partnership with WorldVuer, Inc., a leading video interactive platform service provider.
  2. Electronic Video Press Book: Each client receives an Electronic Video Press Book that is wifi based and is consistently updated for their fan base to stay connected with their athlete. This is
    where we encourage our clients to engage with their fans to keep them informed about their daily
    and weekly activities as well as their preparation for the various sporting events they participate
    in. The video book is designed to help our clients become independent home video books that helps
    them write their sports and athletic journeys with their fans and followers.