Ed Grant

Ed Grant - Board MemberEd Grant – Board Member

Ed Grant is a board member at Prolific Sports. Before joining the Prolific Sports team, Ed Grant worked and is still a Senior Advisor of Empire Asia Group Co., Ltd., a Bangkok-based business development, strategic planning & Investment Company that provides development expertise on diverse projects throughout Asia and the Middle East, with a primary concentration today in the sports sector with investments in major soccer clubs and sports franchises worldwide.

Empires sports division which is called Empire Sports International serves the likes of Christian Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Wayne Rooney with direct access to the talents and their management. The company is also connected to major club managers including the likes of Avram Grant, Sven Goran-Ericksson, Sir Alex Ferguson, and Jose Mourinho. Mr. Grant has been instrumental in building Empires star studded network and is presenting such leadership and advice to Prolific Sports today.

Empire is also involved in major industrial estate, infrastructure, community development and environmental sectors. A resident of Asia for the past 30 years, Mr. Grant has performed numerous assignments as a business consultant and project manager on diverse projects throughout the region. This has included the successful development of mixed-use projects in China and the UAE over the past 5 years, and previously on numerous residential and industrial projects within Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard, which remains the country’s most important economic development zone, located 100 km Southeast of Bangkok.

A registered architect/project manager by education and experience, Mr. Grant is widely recognized as an expert in the planning, promotion and implementation of large commercial, industrial and real estate development projects. In this connection, Mr. Grant has worked and traveled extensively throughout the Asia and the Middle East, where he has also established high-level business relationships in Thailand, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, the UAE and Saudi Arabia.