Emily Andam

Emily Andam - Board MemberCorporate Manager – USA

Mrs. Andam is Co-founder of Prolific Sports and a passionate dance and performance arts manager of our organization. Her interest in soccer and the development of the youth level programs within the state of Nevada and Utah led to her interest in partnering with Patrick and Kenny to establish Prolific Sports. The structure and founding principles of the organization has been based on her principles of integrity and commitment to delivering the best within any initiative that a group undertakes. She has been focused on identifying the right youth talent within the various soccer clubs in the Western United States to boost the prolific youth roaster. Before founding Prolific Sports, Emily was an avid interior decorator with an unmatched eye for perfection and presentation. Here works have been recognized by individuals and clients who have had the opportunity to work with her in creating their masterpieces within their homes. She has been very versatile in her creative endeavors and bring to Prolific such excitement to the companies branding and market placement.

Emily is also a lover of horse and is also compassionate about the creative arts. In her spare time, she engages in attending dance competitions to assist performers focus on their art and skills to reach prominence. Prolific is launching a Dance and Performance arts division under her care that will develop and produce talents for the arts sector. We are proud to have our co-founder as a focused member of our team.