Patrick Lawrence

Patrick Lawrence - Board MemberManaging Director

Mr. Lawrence is co-founder of Prolific Sports. Patrick has coached and developed youth players for over 30 years.  Specifically, he as utilized international, national and local players, coaches and resources to develop and move players into the collegiate and professional football ranks.  He develops and effects globally superior football concepts and systems, and his expertise in youth player development is unmatched.   Before founding Prolific, Mr. Lawrence worked as Director for Player Development with Players Soccer Club, Las Vegas.  Even though he is still in active administrative position with the club, his work at Prolific allows for the identification of talent for our organization. At Players Soccer Club, Patrick is responsible for creating and effecting the curriculum for youth development, establishing Club policy and procedure manual, parental handbook, coaching manual and guideline and supervising coaches, and ensuring the Club and its coaches comply with F.I.F.A., U.S.S.F. and professional training standards.  Effects in-club and community based clinics and training with Paul Baron (formerly of Arsenal) and Carl Cort (formerly of Newcastle and Leicester City F.C.)

Before joining Players Soccer Club Mr. Lawrence coached with the Downtown Rapids soccer club in Las Vegas which is the youth development program for the Colorado Rapids of the United States, Major League Soccer.  He also coached and developed youth involved in the Colorado Rapids Center of Excellence Program which is a community based clinic which targets youth footballers regardless of their team affiliation.

Patrick with his vision created and designed the globally superior player development concept and modality now entitled Prolific F.C. He is also responsible for creating the world’s most complete manual of the skills and feints used in football to beat and bypass an opponent, and a football video game concept in which the over 90 skills and feints from the skills manual can be taught for training purposes, as well as utilized for fun and personal entertainment.

In 2010 to 2012, Patrick coached the Las Vegas Legends of the Professional Arena soccer league, while simultaneously working for Downtown Rapids Soccer Club. In 2007 to 2009, he was the staff coach with the Olympic Development Program (O.D.P.) which located, identified and selected top youth players for State, regional and national team selection. His coaching experience has granted him an understanding of the values that Prolific needs to Institute in its development systems for its players and athletes. Patrick was also the coach of the professional indoor soccer team the Las Vegas Knights from 2006 to 2008.

2000 – 2005:  Co-coached and operated the Celta football training program in Las Vegas with former professional goalkeeper, Manny Rivers.   The program trained and developed players from 16 years of age and older and prepared them for collegiate/university and professional football team selection.

1988 – 2000:  Established and operated the Super Soccer Skills clinic in Las Vegas.  The clinic utilized a staff of approximately 30 active professional players who trained and developed youth players via an ongoing series of after school, weekday clinics and weekend mini-clinics.

1986 – 1987:  Played professional football (aka: soccer) for the Milwaukee Wave of the American professional League.

1984 – 1985: Drafted into professional football with the now defunct Major League team, the Las Vegas Americans.

1984 -1987: While playing for the Milwaukee Wave and Las Vegas Americans was also responsible for planning, organizing and operating their youth training camps, in compliance with professional standards.

1982 – 1984: Coached at the Las Vegas Soccer Academy & played collegiate soccer with the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

1975 -1978: Played football (aka: soccer) with Brooks Park in the Jamaican Football League (Division 2 & Division 1).