Svetlana Nyarko

Executive Secretary

Miss Nyarko is the executive secretary of Prolific Sports and our companies merchandising administrator. With years of experience as a designer and an events coordinator, Miss Nyarko brings to Prolific Sports her relationship skills to help our company navigate the intricacies of dealing with professional athletes and their teams that surround them.

Miss Nyarko is also tasked with the responsibility of developing the merchandising and sports gear for all team and athletes represented by Prolific Sports.

Before joining Prolific Sports, Miss Nyarko managed and designed for her own brand Africq Uniq, a company that focused on designing women’s wears for fashion enthusiasts and consumers across the Globe. The brand she designed, developed, and marketed has become a household name in the fashion sector of Ghana with a projected focus on breaking into the international markets. Prolific Sports saw the talent in her work and engaged her to design some basketball merchandise for our events with Mr. David West of the San Antonio Spurs which she successfully executed for our company.

Prolific is excited to have her as our executive secretary and merchandising administrator.