Our technology partners work with us to develop the material needed to promote and build our clients social and media exposure worldwide. We work with our partners to deliver attractive audiovisual content for our clients.

Sleek media is our innovative branding partner of choice for our Electronic Press Kit development. With Sleek Media, we are able to present our talented clients abilities to the world through audio visual packaging. Sleek media brings to life an athletes capabilities through video.

Our partner Worldvuer provides our clients with aspiration network portals to help them build their fanbase and brands. Worldvuer provide Prolific Sports clients a Video Interactive Portal solution that allows them to build member networks for their brand. In the process they are able to establish brand longevity and sustainability for beyond their competitive years.

Payodd is our payment processing and events ticketing partner. With its innovative mPos terminal solutions, we are able To engage our clients in their personal and social responsibility initiatives. We are also able to develop innovative billing offerings that generate money for our clients when they host events for brands and companies they represent.